Radio Marketing with VCMG

Radio Marketing

According to Nielsen, less than 5% of all advertising marketing budgets are being spent to target the 50+ demographic, America’s wealthiest segment of the population. The baby boomers dine out 3 times per week, they purchase 43% of all cars and spend 90% of all vacation travel, totaling one trillion dollars annually!

Over 3.8+ Million Baby Boomers 50+ reside in South Florida and they actually spend MORE TIME ONLINE than do the Millennial’s. (Limelight Networks).

The 50+ community is the most powerful consumer group in history. Using our True Oldies station, you can grow your bottom line by targeting the audience with the most purchasing power.

Direct Mailers

While many feel Digital is a top performing media, there is still one fact that you CAN NOT ignore: EVERYONE HAS A MAILBOX. So given that very simple rule, Direct Mail is a media that is not be ignored. VCMG has the capabilities to be able to produce a message for you and put that message in front of potential customers within a short amount of time. With Direct Mail the key is getting your message to the right customer at the right time and that’s what VCMG can do for your business.

Mailer Marketing with VCMG Live

Email Marketing with VCMG Live

Email Marketing

With consumers on their phones at all times of the day and night, Email Marketing has become one of the top areas for concentration for many small, medium and large companies through the United States. With the VCMG Email Marketing Program, you can now email potential consumers with your company’s message. You can saturate certain zip codes with targeted specific customers based on certain demographics and interests … all based on your business.